Well folks, Christmas has come and gone. (Judging by the amount of people that showed up for church there must have been some really great parties I wasn’t invited to! Actually we were invited on Christmas Eve after the Service to go have some hot chocolate and goodies at the home of some very good friends. Our hostess, Clarice had an excellent idea. After we were all served, she had everyone in our group tell a story of their fondest Christmas memory. What a wonderful way to share Christmas past with those who were there, and to celebrate the Christmas present, and yet to come. (Take that, Charlie You little Dickens!!!) For my family, and myself this has been a Christmas to remember, and proof positive, that God listens to and grants our prayers. Perhaps not in the time we would like them granted, but nevertheless, granted just the same! Several things we had been asking or, and waiting on have all come in at the same time. We have not seen our youngest two girls (Sue’s from a previous marriage) for several yeas due to some legal wrangling my wife’s ex has caused. She took him to court to get the visitation expanded, and before it actually came down to a court hearing, he rolled over, and agreed to everything we wanted. Our oldest, (my daughter from a previous marriage ) has been living in a group home due to health problems and other issues with my ex, and we have been jumping through the hoops for two states, is now here permanently. I applied two years ago for disability as my beck was totaled in a car wreck several years ago. I got the word just before Christmas that the disability has been granted by the government. Now, We will be able to catch up on our bills, get our hands on a car, and move into a house rental. Plus the added benefit of being able to start paying God back for all the wonderful things he is dong n our lives. To finally be able to tithe as I need, and want to. Let’s face it, all of these things are gifts from our marvelous Lord. Without God we would have nothing, amount to nothing, and literally be nothing. Praise His Holy Name!!!!!!