Well here it is, nearly the end of another year. The news media are talking about the big events of 2005. I am going to mention just one.  Most notably, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The devastation of New Orleans was catastrophic, but (now prepare your cat-o-nine tails to flog me here!) sadly inevitable. You have a city that built under sea level, protected by sea walls that can only withstand a Category 3 Hurricane. Hurricanes for the last several years have been getting stronger, and stronger. Did anybody think about trying to reinforce them just in case? No. We got a lot of “Oh well a Category 4 isn’t gonna happen.” No It was a Category 5! ( I read something the other day that by the time Katrina actually hit, the winds had actually diminished to a Category 3. I’m sure that the people who died, and those who have been displaced and lost everything are really glad that the storm wasn’t as bad as everyone thought it was!)
Of course this comes from the same people that don’t believe in the Kyoto Accord. Global Warming is a myth. Iraq has those darn WMD’s I know it Just gimme some more time and we’ll find ‘em!

Suffice it to say that I have a little trouble feeling sorry for people that get flooded out year after year and keep going back. To me this is the same as someone who walks out into traffic and gets hit by a car. He gets medical treatment, then goes out and walks into traffic again, and again, and again! Not big learning curve is there!  Frankly I say let New Orleans go back to the swamp! (Got those whips handy?)

Then there were the people of Gulfport, Mississippi. Remember them? Anybody?  Several hundred people died and lost their homes and businesses there, but do we hear about them? Not really New Orleans get all the coverage, ad most of the help. Well, I suppose one good thing did come out of the disaster.
Michael Brown (of FEMA) found himself a better job!