Boy oh boy can life get busy! In the time since my last post, we have obtained a car. A 1989 Ford Crown Victoria (Which I promptly named”Vickie”!) I know, my first thought was, those things blow up!!! When this opportunity came, Sue reminded me that I had said “I’ll never drive one of those!”
However the friend who helped us find it put it in perspective for me. The police cars we have all read about that have blown up were generally hit from behind at a high rate of speed. One that I know a lot about was Phoenix, AZ Police Office Jason Schecterle, who was filling out reports in his Crown Vic Cruiser, when a drunken cab driver slammed into him in excess of 100mph. So it’s a matter of perspective. By the way, Shecterle survived although he was severely burned, and has had have many surgeries to reconstruct his face, and will likely face more over the rest of his life. A courageous man with a loving wife and children, who should have our prayers. A year and a half (or perhaps two) after the accident, he is back at work doing public relations for the Phoenix PD ( or something along those lines)

Anyway, we now have a car, and that has freed us to do a lot of things we couldn’t do before.
We have been taking care of things, and going places that it was difficult for us to do before. Thanks, God!!!