The Joys of Owning a Home!
Well, the financing came through. We now have moved in. Moving was
A lot of fun. The movers showed up on Saturday, the 27th to move the big items. (The couch, the computer desk, the beds etc)
We had a friend from church show up with two of his sons to help us move the rest of the stuff. We got the majority of it out on Saturday, and went back Monday for another load. Tuesday we went to get the rest of it, and discovered that the Apartment management had come in and taken out the stove. We had been paid up till the 1st of June, but that didn’t seem to bother them. Oh well, we are well out of that place.

I have been trying to do all the little odd jobs that need to be done, putting up showers, putting magnets on the cabinets, etc. Apparently I have been trying to do too much too soon. We went and picked up Tara on Thursday of last week, (The 1st of June) and she, Sue and Sandy got together and jumped on me telling me I was overdoing it.
I had to cut back on wheat I was trying to do. Oh well.

There is definitely a lot of things to do, I just wanted to try to get things done so I could relax. I guess I have to relax and do these little odd jobs little by little.

I will keep you all informed as things progress!