I had planned on blogging on more of a regular basis, but life comes at ya full throttle! A lot has been going on. We have had all of the kids here for a couple of month. Tara and Elisa are now back in Missouri ( or as we call it, Misery) Sandy has started back to school as of today. She is in ROTC, and may consider going into the Air Force when she graduates. We have hopes that she will learn some discipline and respect!

The house is getting together, we have most of the boxes unloaded, and it looks lived in. We are planning to have a house warming sometime in September.

We have a new kitty in the household, Mac. A friend in Australia suggested we name him after General Douglas Macarthur, when we told her that the first evening we had him home, he stood up to the other cats Shadow and Jenny, much like Macarthur standing up to the Japanese in the Philippines.

I will post some pics of Mac soon, along with other pics of the kids and other kitties!

More news when it becomes less available!