Here it is, Saturday, August 26. Only 11 days since my last post! Wow! Yes it can be done!!! Actually I have been busy with a lot of different things. Getting Sandy into highschool, still trying to get the house into order. I mananged to borrow a tool I need to change out the faucet in the kitchen sink, unfortunately I tried getting on my back under the sink and my back was shall we say no very happy. I guess I am gonna have to farm that one out. Unfortunately there are several “Honey do ” jobs that I need to do that my back will not allow me to do. Ah yes the fun of having a condition that causes chronic pain. Every time I try to do something that I shouldn’t, I get a WG (wife glare) from Sue. Either that or a long suffering shaking of her head. One of these days I may learn that I am limited, but knowing me, it’s gonna take a while….

ANyway, more news when it becomes less available.