Pain has a way of changing your plans. We got up this morning, and planned to go to church. Unfortunately, the humidity and the dew point went up, and neither of us were able to move. This is the fun of living with chronic pain.
I never understood this until it happened to me. I had been taking care of Sue for several years before my back problems started. She would go through good days and bad days. Having been a Navy Hospital Corpsman, I had a basic understanding, and could empathize, but only as an outsider.
Then I was in the accident. Hit from behind by a pickup truck doing about 75 miles per hour. The seat in the car I was in broke backward ( the car was brand new , and as this is a public forum, I won’t mention the make and model – I was delivering it, and was about a 1/4 mile away from the place I was to deliver it to ) and that was the beginning of my introduction into the life of living with chronic pain. Not knowing when you are going to be able to do something, not knowing if you clean a bathroom, if you are going to be able to function for the next week.

Such is the life of dealing with chronic pain. Sue tells me “Welcome to my world!”
Well on the upside, I can definitely empathize a heck of a lot more.