Yesterday when Sandy got home from school she noticed that we had a wasp building a nest on our front screen door up near the top. Sue and I went out an looked at it and determined that it was definitely a wasp nest. Sandy had seen the wasp doing her thing. We decided that we would pick up some wasp and hornet spray to get rid of it.

We did some running around this morning, but didn’t get the spray as we didn’t see any at the place we stopped. When we got to the door, we saw the wasp working on the nest. Sue looked at me and said:

“I’m not hanging around all day waiting for her to decide she’s done for now.”One of the items we had picked up was a pack of notebook filler paper.

She grabbed the notebook paper, and swatted the hell out of the wasp,. It took two blows, but she squished the flying Sting-Meister! Yea.

(I hate wasps, having been stung in the neck by one when I was ten, and am deathly afraid of them.)
So I salute my wife Sue. The fearless Wasp Killer!!!!