It’s Wednesday. Did you ever stop to think about that word? Wednesday. Why is it pronounced Wenz -da instead of Wed-ness-da? I was just wondering.

(See this is one of those random thoughts I mention in the intro to the blog. )

There are a lot of words that we don’t pronounce the way they are spelled. Pretty much any word that is spelled with a “wh”. “What” should be “wut”, “who” should be “hu” “when” should be “wen” – you get the idea. I personally think we should have a dictionary that spells words the way we pronounce them. Our kids are doing their homework, and ask us how to spell a particular word. We smile with glee and tell them to look it up in the dictionary. Cruel. aren’t we. How the heck is the kid supposed to look it up if they can’t spell it? I always wondered about that myself.

Any way, it’s Wednesday. Or as some people call it, Hump day.

I won’t even get into that one. Let’s just pretend that it means the middle of the week and leave it at that!