We have 3 kitties, Jenny; our calico girl, Shadow, our Siamese mix boy, and the newest member of the Bacon menagerie, Mac. An orange Tabby mix. We have had several cats, and they all have their own special personalities. Each one seems to have more personality than the previous ones.

Jenny for example has a tendency to jump into boxes, and hide in them, We have plastic basin she loves to lay in, but what she really loves to do it to tap at it with her paw until it comes up and bonks her in the head

Shadow thinks he’s a dog. He will play fetch if you throw a ball, he will bring it to you and meow until he convinces us to throw it for him. He also has a strange raspy meow that he can turn on at will. He does this when he mooches food from us. We refer to it as his “Darth Pathetic”.

Mac, the kitten, is the strangest of all. The minute we brought him home a couple of months ago, he took over. He will bug the heck out of the other two trying to get them to play with him. If that doesn’t work, he will walk up to one of them and whap them on the head, or bite them on the butt, till they give chase. Which is what he wants. His name, Mac is short for Macarthur. We got the idea for the name from a friend of ours in Australia. She told us he sounds like General Macarthur standing down the Japanese.