Here it is, Saturday. I feel a bit lazy but what the hey. I am trying to get hold of the guy across the street to help me fix our lawn mower. He is willing, it’s just a matter of catching him at home when he has the time, and when my back will put up with going over there. The problem with the mower is that I can get it started ( using starting fluid) but I can’t get it to stay running. It has to be a problem with the choke. I just can’t find the choke adjustment to fix it!

The grass meanwhile is getting higher. Oh well, one of these days. In the mean time, Sandy is gone next door playing with one of her friends, so once again it is kind of quiet here.

Sue is sitting on the couch watching a special on the History Channel about the 1935 Hurricane that devastated Florida. We should both think about doing some writing, but can’t seem to get motivated to do so. Well at least this is a form of writing. Now that I have updated both of the people that read this on whats going on,Time to quit for now.