Well, I blew it yesterday. I have been making the attempt to write here every day. I have managed to for the most part do that. Yesterday I missed! Rats! Oh well, God took off at least one Sunday. I guess I can once in a while!

At any rate, I managed to get the grass cut on Saturday after all. I borrowed the lawn mower from my next door neighbor, Chris. I tried to get mine started, no luck. Chris wandered over and we both figured out that the little rubber plunger that primes the carburetor is dry rotted. That’s why I can’t get the thing to stay running. Ross, neighbor across the street says I should be able to get the part from any lawn mower repair shop for around 5 bucks. I can certainly look into it, but I may just get a new mower at Wally World or Home Despot or something like that.

Any way the grass is cut, and I feel like I finally got something accomplished around here! That’s one of the biggest problems about dealing with chronic pain. You have to get used to not being able to do everything ( hell most things ) you used to be able to do. Crap!

There are things around the house that need taken care of, that I just can’t do. I got a replacement faucet for the kitchen sink, and a couple of months ago borrowed a tool from Kurt at my church. The crock here is that I can’t get myself down on my back to install the damn thing! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. One of these days I will have to break down and ask for help. That’s something else that is really hard for me to do. Well anyway, it is now Monday, and Sandy is home from school. She is sitting at the table, working on her Algebra homework. I need to get dinner going in a bit. Time to close for the day.