Here I sit, writing the blog, on hold with Social Security. Sheesh. They said on the recording that the wait would be approximately 8 minutes. We will see. All I want to do is change the Direct Deposit to a new bank. I tried the automated service, and gave them the exact information that they wanted, but the recorded voice tells me that the information doesn’t match. AAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my only option is to sit in hold, or as I like to call it, ignore! I think the automated deal is just a dodge to get you frustrated!!! @^%$#!!!!!

I finally got through to someone who started the process, and then put me on hold, and managed to disconnect me! CRAP!!! Oh well, just as well, I have to have them talk to Sue anyway to verify her information. So I guess I will start over later. I am letting her sleep in today so it’s back to the drawing board. I just love morons who don’t know the difference between the hold button and the disconnect button!

I could do all of this on line, except they want you to have a password. No problem one would think. Wrong! TO get the password, you fill out an on line form, then they send it to you through the mail. You get to the end of the form and it says “Wait up to 15 days for your password to arrive in the mail.” Have the people at Social Security ever tried waiting for the mail to arrive? I doubt it, or they wouldn’t ask us to for a lousy password. I mean the internet is at least as secure as the mail. You can set up firewalls, and security on line. How do you do that with your mailbox?

Yes I am on a rant. I get this way when I have to deal with red tape and bureaucracy! God how I detest bureaucracy. We live in an increasingly (supposedly) paperless society. Really? Bull$%&#!!! One of the reasons I am changing banks is that there is a check-box on the on line banking page that asks if I do not wish to receive mailed statements. For 6 months in a row, I clicked on this, and told them to stop mailing me statements. They are still killing trees to send me the statements. ( Not that our statement is that long, but you get the idea!) That’s only one reason. The major reason is that they keep stealing money form our account. Stealing you say? How can a major bank steal for a customer? How about this. We only write checks, and use the debit card for money that is actually in the account. Yet 8 times over the last 8 years that we have had the account there, the bank has overdrawn our account, and charged us overdraft fees every time. In August they did this for two items, and in September only one. We put every cent we spend in the check register and deduct it. How in the name of all that is holy can they present an item for payment, and then say there are insufficient funds to pay the items? If any financial geniuses out there can explain this to us we would dearly love to hear! I won’t mention the name of the bank, but suffice it to say that since they have stolen over $300.00 from us this year alone, we have changed to another bank.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant away here. Have a great day. Or if you have had 247 great days in a row and you’re tired of them, have a rotten day or whatever kind of a day you want.