This is the actual Friday the 13th. I should have written yesterdays blog today, but what the heck. I got off on a tangent, which I often do. This is kind of a lazy afternoon. Later tonight, while the DVR is recording some shows, we are actually gonna sit down and get some work done on the screenplay… About time!!!

I guess we have dragged our feet on this, because we have never adapted a book into a screenplay before. It’s definitely a learning process. The beauty of this is that when we finish, we will have another style of writing under our belts.

Another difficulty is in writing battle scenes, because this story takes place during WWII. Maybe we should see if we can find some war movies online for download to get ht e idea on how to write it. I will look into that later.

SO anyway Friday is here, the end of the week. (13th notwithstanding) When I was able to work, I used to live for the end of the week. Now the weekend doesn’t really mean a whole lot any more. Not as much as it used to anyway. Whatever the weekend means to you, here’s hoping you have a good one.