Saturday again. We were kidless most of the day. Sandy had an Orienteering meet for Jr ROTC. She had fun with that. I had the mens’ breakfast at church. We had a speaker who was a former school principal at the school near the church. He talked about guiding kids to Christ, among other things. and then Sue had a women’s luncheon at the church. (I was the token male) We had a little excitement. One of the older ladies there got a piece of candy corn stuck in her throat, and I had to do the Heimlich maneuver. Then Sue won the centerpiece from our table. Apparently if you had a smiley face sticker on your chair, you won it. It’s a cute little ceramic pumpkin candy dish!

So basically we all had our own things going on today.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Time for us to turn our hearts and minds toward worship.