Monday again! Well we managed to get some things accomplished today. I was able to get Social Security on the phone, and transfer our direct deposits over to the new account. They tell me that the November checks will go into the new account. I hope so!!!

The rest of this week is going to be busy. Sue has a couple of Doctors appointments over the next couple of days. Plus I have several projects I need to get off my dead butt and work on. Sue and I need to get working on the script. We have gotten a couple of pages actually written which is a plus. I also have to write my column for the Challenge, our church news letter. I also have to condense a survey on health for the congregation. I am part of our new Health and Wholeness Ministry Team. Kay found this survey for church members, so I have to see what may pertain to our congregation, and put it together so we can determine what the needs of our congregation are.

Not only that,. but I need to sit down and start coming up with some short story ideas, and writing. Once I start getting a few together, I can start sending them out to different magazines, and start trying to get published! One of these days.. NO, darn it, NOW!!!! I really need to push myself.