After months of drought conditions, we are finally getting rain here in North Texas! Yea! We really need it. It comes on top of several communities imposing either actual water rationing, or voluntary restrictions.

In some communities here in the Dallas area, people are not allowed to wash their cars, or water their lawns. There are hefty fines if you get caught watering the water. In other places, including The Colony where we live, the restrictions are as I stated before, voluntary. Here we are asked to water lawns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if your address is an even number, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday if your address is even. Restaurants are asked not to automatically give water to customers unless asked.

Of course having lived in Phoenix, Arizona for several years, a drought is not new to me. What used to rankle me was the restrictions placed on citizens, while every golf course in town was always watered to be a beautiful, verdant green. What is wrong with this picture?