Greetings fellow bloggers. (Both of you that actually read this!) Nothing to rant about today. Oh I am sure I could come up with something, as I have a tendency to rant and rave about a lot of things. My disdain for George W (Or as I like to call him, “Shrub”) or his untenable war.Then there is the fact that Congress is so busy trying to cover up all the ethics violations, and Congressmen going after young pages, and how much money they can put in their pockets…that they can’t seem to take the time to handle trivial matters like running the country! Or the gaping wound that is our border, bleeding illegal immigrants. Oh forgive me, undocumented aliens. (Undocumented my ass!! Let’s call them what they are- Law-breakers and criminals!) They come here squeeze out a bunch of babies, and live off of our generosity!

But I am not going to go of on a rant today!

Anyway, this is Wednesday, and that means LOST!!!! Are the others the Good guys like Henry/Ben said? What are they forcing Sawer and Kate to dig up?

What will they do now that Sun has shot one of them?
Maybe tonight we will have more answers. I have no doubt we will have more questions….