Here we are. Another Friday has arrivved. It just seems that a week ago I was talking about Friday the 13th.

Actually, I was!!!

A new Feature to the Blog will be Movies coming out This Friday. I am going to try this and see if it works. If not, I guess I will be doing this manually next week.

From The Dallas Morning News:

New releases this week
Click on the film’s title to read a full review.
Flags of Our Fathers
Smart, well-acted tale follows three Iwo Jima flag raisers whisked into a stateside war bond tour.
Marie Antoinette
Kirsten Dunst plays the monarch as a rich and spoiled heiress in this visually stunning film.
Coming-of-age story of a girl trying to tame a wild mustang offers memorable acting and lush scenes.
The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D
Thirteen years later, this classic not only stands up, it stands out thanks to its digital 3D transformation.
Little Children
An unhappily married mom (Kate Winslet) has an affair with a married stay-at-home dad (Patrick Wilson).
The Prestige
This tale of a blood feud between rival magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) is emotionally distant.
The Queen
Helen Mirren gives a precise performance as Queen Elizabeth II dealing with the death of Princess Diana.
Heading South
This piercing indictment of sex tourism makes its point without much screaming, hectoring or preening.