Last night we were treated? to a viewing of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It was running on DirecTv Channel 101 last night, along with stuff like Toxic Avenger, and Class of Nuke Em’ High. (The last 2 we Tivoed to watch later)

Sue and I were among the few people who had never seen AOTKT. We alternately laughed, chuckled and looked at each other in complete Whatdahell was that? One thing we noticed was there are several things going on in the background that you missed if you weren’t paying attention.

It was an obvious spoof of the genre of low budget Sci-fi/horror films. What’s interesting is that they filmed it on Kodak 5247 negative stock – very unusual for a low budget film at the time. Most low budget films were shot on positive stock. The quality of the negative is one reason why many people thought the film cost more to make than it did.

If you have never seen this movie, it starts out with a housewife being killed by regular sized tomatoes in her kitchen. The tomatoes grow throughout the film to about 4 to 5 feet around. The sound effects of the tomatoes as they advance is hilarious. There are a lot of lines that fall flat, but some of the dialog goes by, and you have to think: Did I just hear that? For example:

Dr. Nokitofa: Technically sir, tomatoes are fags.
Dr. Morrison: He means fruits.
General: You’d better bring a coat Mr. Richardson, there’s a little Jap in the air.
Dr. Morrison: He means nip.

Then theres the bit where the Japanese scientist stands up and is pointing to a map explaining where the Killer tomatoes are at the moment, and as he goes to sit down, he knocks a picture of the USS Arizona into a fish tank…
The conference room they are in is so small the Generals and scientists have to literally crawl over the conference table to get into their seats… Like I said there are sight gags, and dialog thrown in that you can miss on a first viewing. We will likely have to get a copy of it on DVD to catch some of them.

What can I say, you have to like spoofs and you have to have seen a few of the low budget flick they are lampooning in this movie to get the humor in it.