Well, I can’t really call this wedding bell blues. We had a wedding for the son of dear friends of ours. Mary and Earl. Their son David, married his fiancée~ Debbie. It was a very nice wedding. The Groom, and his groomsmen wore blue jeans, and a medium blue shirt, and cowboy hats. The Bride wore a lovely off white dress with a train, and a veil. (Fairly traditional. ) The bridesmaids wore cream. Actual colors they may be able to wear somewhere else! We read a Dear Abby the other day in which the bridesmaids had to wear a moss color. I am still attempting to picture that!

The reception was pretty nice. The weird part is Sandy cough the bouquet. Did we ever get teased about that!

Instead of rice, we tossed birdseed at the happy couple as they headed for the car. I guess the idea is that birds will eat rice, and then blow up. However, I just looked it up and the myth that birds will blow up by having the rice expand in their little birdie tummies…is completely bogus. Read this: http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/birdrice.asp
One of the bridesmaids was telling me that this was absolutely true. I counted with,”If it’s pigeons, Who cares?” I got a dirty look. SO I retreated behind a “Just kidding!!!!”

Anyway it was a lovely wedding and we wish David and Debbie well.

Have a happy week, every one!