Sue and I have performed our civic duty!!! Whoo Hoo! We showed up at the Denton County Services Building this morning and voted. We have a Gubernatorial election this year, and also a whole bunch of judicial seats. One thing that kind of bothered me, was the fact that some races only had one choice. There is a certain party that I generally avoid voting for like the plague. This is on the internet, so I am gonna be a chicken and not state which one it is…. Ahh the hell with it! REPUBLICAN! Anyway, it torked me off that had no choice but to vote REPUBLICAN for some of those races! Oh well, crap, as they say, happens!

We showed up, and didn’t even have to stand in line. We went to a little booth, and had an electronic device that was our ballot. (No hanging chads, thank God! Voting has certainly come a long way. Frankly I was glad to see that we didn’t have to dip our fingers in purple ink!

Friends of ours, May and Earl work the election as volunteers. (Well, they get paid, so is that really volunteering???) Something we may look into the possibility of doing. It might be interesting, and could give us some ideas for writing. Or it could be boring as hell!

Several years ago in Arizona, I worked for a few days for the State on the Alternative Fuels Project they had. The State of Arizona, in their infinite wisdom, offered a monetary incentive for converting your car to run on alternative fuel. People went nuts thinking they would make a ton of money. I had to verify VIN Numbers, and other information for these. One thing I saw a lot of were car dealers who bought a bunch of cars, converted them, and got the money. Then they turned around and sold the cars at a steeper rate, because they were converted. Then the bottom dropped out. So many people applied for this incentive, that Arizona didn’t have enough money in the budget to pay all these people. They had $2 Million available, and ended up something like $4 million in the hole to pay all these people. Of course if they had written the deal so Car Dealers were exempt, it might have been better. Hey what can I say. Tax dollars at rest!