Tomorrow is Halloween! Vampires, devils, zombies, and other assorted scary creatures will be lurking. Ah, but let’s leave Congress out of it!. No I am of course referring to the little creatures that will be going door to door demanding treasure, or at the very least, a handful of bubble gum and candy corn. What the hell, it could be worse. It could be The IRS or Mormons ringing your doorbells!

Halloween is an interesting holiday. Some celebrate it, some don’t I have seen signs on doors that proclaim that they do not celebrate this evil, pagan festival. Well fooey on them. I am a Christian, and my church is one of the many that now offers a safe alternative called “Trunk or Treat. We decorate our cars, and hand out candy to the kids in our neighborhood near the church. We even give out prizes to the car with the best decorations. Last year 3rd place went to a car that was decorated with pumpkins. The Prize: A pumpkin intricately carved with “3RD Prize!

Tomorrow, I will post a history of Halloween, and how it is practiced around the world.