Here it is Wednesday. Lost day. We now have learned that Ben supposedly has a tumor on his spine, and wants Jack to operate on him. Juliette, managed to let Jack know that Ben is a liar, and that it would be best for him to let Ben die on the table and no one would know… I don’t trust or believe either of them. So much for lost today. O yeah, Locke, and some others found that someone was watching them from another station when they went to the Pearl station. The plot thickens. We also saw the critter again, and know no more than before!

We are getting closer to the end of the week, and having money again. Hopefully all of our money will actually be usable by us and not a bank. At least we have changed banks, so we will soon see. The day after tomorrow we will see that is.

As I said in the title, short sweet and to the point. Okay nothing really sweet about this post.. SO I lied!