This will be a short blog entry, as we have storms around the area. What a day. Our car broke down today, after leaving a meeting at church. The strange thing is that in the past, when things like this have happened to me, I get very upset, rant and rave, and generally blister paint. Today, when Vickie ( We have a Ford Crown Vic, so we have dubbed her “Vickie”) started making funny noises, clanking and clattering, I didn’t even swear. I am strangely not really upset about it. It is going to be an inconvenience, we have to determiner if the car is fixable or not, and if not we will likely have to get a car loan. We wanted to get a new car, as Vickie doesn’t have A/C. We wanted to get a couple of other bills caught up first though, but alas it may not be.
Is this grace? I wonder. The fact that I am handling this better than I normally do makes me wonder. Have I tamed my temper? Or is this a fluke.

Stay tuned.