I missed blogging yesterday, dealing with Vickie. I called our mechanic, and told him what happened, and he feels that the engine has seized. Oh well, as they say on Earth, C’est La Vie ( Kirk to Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) So i started looking for a car salvage place that could come and pick up the car and buy it off of us for salvage.

I found a place, hemmed and hawed over price, and then the guy said bring it in. Obviously, he didn’t understand the part where I told him the engine had seized. I guess I wasn’t talking to a rocket scientist, but you would think a guy that runs a salvage yard would have understood that a seized engine wasn’t going any where!

I found another place. The first guy takes our number, and says he has to have the boss call us. Time goes by. More time goes by. And then after even more time went by, I called back. I got the boss on the phone, we hemmed and hawed, and agreed on $100.00. He said he would call me back after he checked with his tow truck driver. After calling back another couple of times, I gave up on him. The last time I talked to him, he got pissy with me.

Terry, our Pastor, had a neighbor that had sold a car like that, he finally was able to find the info, I called them and we have an agreement to deal with the car today. Hopefully it’s still in the Blockbuster lot. More news when it becomes less available!