Our car, affectionately known as “Vickie” (Hey she was a Ford Crown Victoria, what would you call her Fred?) has gone to that Great Car Lot in the Sky. Okay she went to the Auto Bone-yard! Sheesh. Let me grieve in peace will ya? Any way, the guy I talked to on the phone came through, and we were able to get her sold and towed. Now comes the fun part.

Now we get to either:

A. Hope and pray somebody at our church will have a car we can work a deal out with them for or:

B. Go the used car route. Fortunately we should be able to get an auto loan. The bitch is gonna be trying to figure out how much we can spend a month on a car loan. Not a lot of fun. We are looking into something economical, and something that has an Automatic (Non- negotiable) and A/C (Also Non-negotiable!)

We will find something. I know we will and soon. The funny thing is how well I am handling this. I don’t know if it’s grace on my part or what, but ( and this sounds a little arrogant maybe) but I am kind of proud of how well I am handling it.

Anyway I will keep a running story up here of the search for the car.