Here are the movies opening today. Last week the number one box office draw was “Borat” staring Sacha Baron Cohen. My opinion: The trailer for this”mocumentary” looked so stupid it wasn’t even funny. Oh well. I guess there’s no accounting for taste. The dumb thing will probably end up winning Best Pic at the Oscars.

New releases this week
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Stranger Than Fiction
Brainy Will Ferrell plays an IRS agent who discovers he’s a novelist’s character and his time might be short.
Shut Up and Sing
Documentary follows the Dixie Chicks in the aftermath of Natalie Maines’ infamous anti-Bush remark in London.
A Good Year
Russell Crowe inherits a French vineyard, but there may be questions as to who its rightful owner is.
The Bridesmaid
Beautiful, damaged people hint at unspeakable things in director Claude Chabrol’s subtle French thriller.
Color of the Cross
Some call it controversial, but it simply states the possibility that Christ was a man of color.
Copying Beethoven
Factually liberal tale of Ludwig van Beethoven falls flat when the music’s not playing.
Harsh Times
Christian Bale plays a cop with a quick trigger finger in this gritty amble through the rough side of L.A.
The Return
Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a woman drawn to the scene of a 15-year-old murder. This film was not screened in advance for critics.