We start by looking in the paper. Well there are a couple of cars in the paper today that may be affordable… At least under 5 grand. Actually there are a couple showing up under 3 grand. One is an 89 Nissan Maxima. Possible, I guess. We are going to start by looking online, then segue into seeing if we can get somebody to take us around to a couple of car lots.

Then, the fun starts! If we can find a car that we like, we gotta see if we can talk them into dealing with us with little or no money down. Haa! That ought to be good for a laugh! Well, if it comes down to it, Terry did say we shouldn’t worry too much about that.The downside is that tomorrow, he is going to be out of town for a week at a Pastor’s retreat. I don’t know what the process will be if we are able to find a car before he gets back that we need help with as far as getting help with the down payment…. We shall see what we shall see.

We have figured that we can afford a car payment of $100 – $120 a month. We would prefer not to have to pay a used car dealership, or bank or anything like that, but if we must, we must… In the meantime we are praying that we will get something soon, that we can afford, that won;t completely break the bank. (Hmm. Department of redundancy department there!)
As my old friend Claude LeMorte used to say… “More News, when it becomes less available!”