We had our Veteran’s Day Pot Luck at church today. I came up with the idea a few months ago, and got Session approval to do it. With the generous help of several people in the church. I managed to drop the ball due to the car issues last week.

We had a nice set up, there were small flags on the tables, poked through some upside down Styrofoam coffee cups! You use what you have. It worked. We had some patriotic music, and we honored all our veterans. During Church service, all the vets were asked to stand up, and the youth handed out ribbons with pins that had a space for us to put our names, ranks, branch and dates of service. We are going to use this information to put out a booklet.

I am hoping to make this a yearly event. Anyway. Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who once wore a uniform to defend our country. We salute you, and those who are still in uniform, fighting, and shedding their blood for us all.