Well here it is, a new week. Time to go car shopping. We have the use of a car for the week. The Pastor of our church is away on a Pastor’s retreat in San Francisco ( The City by the Bay according to the Journey song) and he and his wife decided that since he isn’t here that we could use the car instead of it sitting in the garage. What wonderful people!

We are in the process of figuring out just what we want and then breaking that down into what can we afford. We have a couple ideas, we just have two attributes that are non-negotiable. Air conditioning ( we are not going through another Texas Summer without A/C in a car ) and Automatic Transmission.

SO tomorrow we will be checking out the legitimate dealers. Then we will probably have to check out the Rip off houses that will charge us 20% interest and up… You know, legal Loan Sharks…

Anyway. Check back on the blog to read about the continuing car hunt..