Well, not really blues. We did go out looking today, and stopped at a Big name car dealer to see if we would get laughed off of the lot. Actually, they were fairly decent to us. We told them our limitations, and they did make the attempt to accommodate us. The downside is that the only car they had currently that we might have been able to get, was a 2003 Ford Taurus. It was a light green, a nice color. The Price was $8995.

The guy ran our info and told us that they could approve us. The downside was that to get the payments we can afford we would have to come up with a down payment of $4000 to $4500. We may be able to get help from the church but I doubt that we could get that much help. Oh well.

The good thing is that we now can be relatively assured that we will be able to get a loan. So we have gotten some good news. We will keep looking. Something tells me that soon we will get ourselves a car. God will help us, as long as we keep the faith!