The Headline reads: TomKat ties knot at Italian Castle! Frankly MikeSue couldn’t give a rats hairy butt! What is all this Hero worship we seem to heap on Actors, actresses, sports figures and the like. Some politicians, like Barak Obama even get the star treatment. Why? I ask.

What makes them so damn special? These people put their clothes on the same way that you or I do. ( Okay, some of them are so pampered they may even have servants to help them pull on their socks and wipe their soft pampered butts!)Still they sweat, they belch, and believe it or not, they even have to go to the bathroom to eliminate their bodily waste. (I’m sure if they could figure out a way to pay someone to do that for them, they would!)

These people are not heroes, They are not worthy of our adulation. They are well paid to do what they do for a living. Period. They have chosen to work in jobs that certainly pay a lot, and give them a certain amount of exposure to the world, but again this doesn’t make them HEROES!!!!

What is a hero? How about the firemen that risk their lives putting out fires caused by idiots who fall asleep smoking in bed? How about a cop that pulls over someone for a speeding ticket, not knowing if he or she is going to live through the encounter? How about the men and women in uniform that are in foreign countries dying every day for wars started by idiots who don’t have to go die for their political ambitions? These are heroes.

On this same subject I get sick of hearing celebrities complain about having to encounter the public. Okay when they are eating dinner and are obviously engaged in a private conversation they have have same rights as anyone to be left alone. But to have them scream and complain when a fan asks for an autograph is ridiculous. Or to use their celebrity to get preferential treatment (Right Madonna?) If they are in the public eye, for the most part they wanted to be there. So having strangers walk up to them and ask for a few seconds of their time to write their name on a piece of paper kind of comes with the territory. So either get out of the business, and become a hermit, or learn to deal with it. After all are not these people who come up and bug the celebs the same ones who go to their movies, games, and concerts? So in effect these people are paying for that 25 Million dollar home on the beach, or that 90 day stay in rehab.

Just the same remember to pay homage to those real heroes I mentioned earlier. Want a real hero to worship? Try the One who died for your sins 2000 years ago.