We were heading out to Golden Corral tonight for dinner. It was about 5:00. As we were at a stop light waiting to turn left, we spotted some birds heading south. A lot of birds. My first thought was: “It’s a bit late to be heading south for the winter isn’t it?”

As I made the left turn, we saw what at first glance was hundreds of birds flying south. Wrong! It was closer to thousands! I cannot in recent memory remember seeing that many birds flying all at once. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the place we were turning into to get to the restaurant. All that time, the birds continued to pass by. We saw them stopped for a few minutes on power lines, atop telephone poles, and alight on buildings. We thought perhaps they were looking for a place to roost for the night. Then the mas flight started up again.

We turned into the Wal Mart lot ( which leads to Golden Corral) As we were slowly winding our way through the parking lot, we saw birds teeming on the trees in the parking lot. They were acting aggressively flitting here and there, and all but dive bombing customers of the store as they came and went.

We got to Golden Corral, and while we were eating, two birds got inside the restaurant. They were flying back and froth, and finally an employee managed to get hold of some type of a net. She was still attempting to catch the errant avians as we left. Good luck with that, Hon!