For the last two weeks we have been fortunate to have the use of a car. The week before last, our Pastor was kind enough to loan us his car while he was away on a pastors’ retreat. Last week, another friend who was out of town loaned us one of their cars. They are back this week, but are allowing us to continue to use the car.

As it turns out, the car we are currently using is a 1989 Acura. It runs well, and Bob and Jane are planning to sell it. We asked Bob about the possibility of buying it. He was reluctant. The car is old, and has over 140,000 miles on it. He is afraid that if he sold it to us, and something happened, that we might be upset. More to the point he would feel bad. We can understand that.

On the other hand, Bob is a pretty good hand at finding good used cars, and has offered his expertise in helping us to find one. He has suggested we look for something along the lines of a 7 or 8 year old Honda, or Toyota. Preferably with somewhere around 70,000 -80,000 miles or so on it. He thinks we should be able to find something like that for around $3500.00 or so. This coincides with our thoughts. We want to find a car for less than $5000.00.

So now we have yet another person willing to help us find a car. George, another friend from church had helped us find Vickie, our late lamented Crown Vic. He feels bad that she didn’t last for us. We told him not to feel bad. He didn’t hold a gun to our head to buy the car, we thought it was a good deal, and she did last us for several months. You can’t have everything. The problem was we pretty much bought the first car we saw. This time we will be a little more picky.

I have faith that we will find a car soon that will fit our needs, and be able to get us around town, and hopefully around Texas next summer to visit some points of interest with the kids. More news when it becomes less available!