While watching an episode of Mythbusters in which they were testing various methods of beating Police Radar guns, I was reminded of an unusual method I employed many years ago to beat a speeding ticket.

I was the Navy nearly 30 years ago, and was in training to become a Hospital Corpsman. We had a long weekend for Memorial Day, and as it turned out one of my classmates, Carolyn, who lived in New York, offered to give me a ride to Ohio for the weekend, and pick me up on the way back to Great Lakes (Chicago). We shared expenses and driving. We each had a nice weekend with our respective families, and on Monday morning, she picked me up and we started our journey back to Chicago.

It’s important to know that Carolyn and I were not dating, or even all that close. At any rate, I was driving on the Turnpike. I glanced at the speedometer, and realized I was going around 80 miles per hour. Then I looked in the mirror and saw an Indiana State Trooper behind me with his lights flashing. Carolyn looked at me and said,
“You’re driving, it’s your ticket.”

I was hoping he was going after someone else, as I was slowing down to the speed limit. My luck had run out. H was pulling me over. The trooper walked jauntily up to the car, and smiled at me.

“Tell me one I’ve never heard before!” he sad.

“Well, ” I began. “My wife and I ( at the word ‘wife’ Carolyn started shaking her head saying under her breath” I’m gonna kill him, I’m gonna kill him!”) have been trying like hell to have a baby, and she just took her temperature, and she’s ovulating! We were trying to get to the next toll plaza!”

The trooper stared at me for a full 30 seconds. This is quite a long time to have a cop stare at you, let me tell you!

Finally He busted out laughing, tossed his Smoky Bear hat on the ground, and finally when he could recompose himself, said to me still chuckling:
“Get the hell out of here, and keep it under 55!”

I have no doubt that the story was told around the State Troopers Barracks in Indiana for years!