I went to see my doctor today. Pretty much a standard checkup. One thing I needed to have done, was a prostate check. For anyone of the male persuasion who has not been initiated into this club, let me tell ya, It ain’t exactly fun.

I am pushing 50, so it seemed like a good idea to have the old prostate checked, as I seem to be getting up in the middle of the night a little more often than I used to. Let me just say, I am not getting up for a late night snack, or to check my email. No it seems like every time I wake up in the middle of the night, my bladder says “Hey, dude… Guess what!!! It’s that time again.” Then I stand there, taking matters into hand as it were, and stand there, and sometimes, stand there some more. Then I look down at matters in hand, and remind him that this trip was his idea after all.

Well, that started me to wonder, along with the big 5 – oh staring me in the face, combined with the commercials I see for medications for enlarged prostates made me wonder if this was the problem.

SO there I am in the doctors office telling her ( yes I have a woman doctor) that I am concerned abut this possibility. She tells me “Well, you realize this means a rectal” Oh yes, I am aware. Oh boy, am I aware. I had a doctor in Phoenix, that seemed to want to do a rectal every time she saw me.( Yep, another woman doctor)
Anyway, I digress. She has to do something that under other circumstances ( and with the right person I might add, ) could be pleasurable. Not with a doctor. Let me just say, doctors do not exactly have a gentle touch. Oh well, at least I should be grateful she used K-Y!