Last week, when the temperatures were in the 80’s, we started getting weather predictions of an Arctic Blast coming our way. Usually North Texas winters are somewhat mid. However we began hearing dire warnings of a big freeze. Temps down in the 20’s, wind chill factors barely above zero.

I was thinking that it would be neat if w got a little snow. I love watching it fall, just don’t care for driving in it, or shovel it. I was also hoping that Sandy would get the chance to see some snow. She has spent most of her life in Arizona, and other than going up to Flagstaff, hasn’t seen much of the white stuff.

Well late last night, the temps started to drop, and this morning, we had to watch to see if Sandy’s school was going to be open. It was, but they may be delayed tomorrow. At around 11:00 this morning, it started to sleet. Later it turned to snow. Sandy did get to see some snow falling from school.We didn’t get much in the way of ground cover, but Sue and I tossed a couple of half assed snow balls at each other!

I suspect that although this storm petered out on us, that we may have a cold wet winter ahead.