Today, Sue went on a decoration fest. She added some more lights to the tree, and some garland, and dug out the ornaments for Sandy to put on the tree later. (Sandy was at a drill meet, so will have to do her thing later.)

Sue usually does a pretty good job decorating for Christmas, but I think this year she will go all out. And who can blame her. This is the first Christmas in our new hose, the first house we have ever lived in, let alone own. So I figure if it makes her feel good to decorate why the hell not! I take care of the outside, not because it’s a man;s domain or any of that macho bullshit, just because that’s how we usually do it. She decorates inside, and apart from setting up the tree, she does the inside!

I like being festive. It makes it feel like we are getting closer to Christmas, the more lights we string up, and the such. Soon we will be making cookies, Chex mix, and Slushies.. (I still remember my mom getting sloshed on Slush! She maintains she wasn’t blitzed, just well organized. I’ll have to ask mom if she is going to make slushies this year.

Well, getting near time to make dinner.