Well, the Food Stamp wait is over. The mail showed up ( at 1:00pm – this is early lately, as it’s been showing up after 6:00 for the last several days!) Lo an behold, there was the letter with the EBT card in it. Yea! At first I got torked because the paper the card was inserted into had a notice that the pin number would be mailed separately within 10 days. Sue kept a bit more of a level head than I did. There was another paper included in the envelope that told how to set up a pin number.

So we now have access to $78.00 worth of food stamps. Not much but better than nothing. We also found out that we will get access to the monthly $32.00 on the 11th of each month. It’s not much, but it is better than nothing.

So it looks like I don’t have a reason for any more rants today.

Also on the plus side, we got word how much we can get for a down payment from different members of the church. Now, armed with this information, we can now start looking for a card in earnest. We can tell a car dealer how much we can put down on a car, so that will make it a little easier to go look at cars. This makes me feel a lot more confident that we will find a car soon.