Well, here it is, Thursday. We are still looking for car deals. We know what we want, and as I wrote yesterday, we at least now have a down payment amount we can give to the dealers. We will find something. I need to give Bob Ingibritson a call, and give him some specific places that we want to go to look at cars. Then we can see what kind of time he has to help us go to look.

Next Monday is my 48th birthday. Not that I really care, as there isn’t much we can do even if I wanted to do to celebrate. Frankly next birthday tat is going to really mean anything to me will be in ’08 when I turn 50. To me that is a milestone. Of coarse Mom will not likely see it that way, as on December 30th of that year when will be 75. I suspect she won’ really want to be reminded of that!

I have been using looking for a car as an excuse not to do any writing. I have at least one short story idea, have gone as far as writing the idea down, and have come up with some characters names, but done little else. Sue and I also need to get our butts in gear and start working on the screenplay in earnest. ( It’s a bit outside of Timbuktu, I think… )

Anyway, we both need to get our rears in gear and start writing.I need to get going ton the Roadblock story, and get both Sue and I working on the screenplay. By now Karin has probably given up on us. It has been several months since we had the preliminary meeting. What do I need to do to kick myself in the ass and start writing again??? When I figure it out, I will blog it here!