Last week, the Baker-Hamilton report on Iraq came out, with the stunning, unexpected news that the current policy in Iraq isn’t working. Here are some recommendations by the panel. Beginning of a phased withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq and direct US dialog with Syria and Iran over Iraq and the Middle East. The Iraq Study Group also found that the Pentagon has underreported significantly the extent of the violence in Iraq and that officials have obtained little information regarding the source of these attacks. The group further described the situation in Afghanistan as so disastrous that they may need to divert troops from Iraq in order to help stabilize the country.

Well, Duh. Ya think? Now the question is going to be, what will Shrub do about it? He seems to be off in his own little world, convinced that no Civil war exists. Excuse me, but when you have more than one faction using violence against another, and both of these groups are citizens of the same country, then I would call that a civil war. ( Of course the term “Civil War” has always bothered me. George Carlin did a bit about it. “Civil War? Kind of sounds like ” Excuse me. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPP! BANG, KAPOW!” )

Civil War is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary – n. A war between factions or regions of the same country.
Gee, isn’t that what I just said? Okay Mr. Bush, let me say this to you slowly, You have Shiites on one side, and Sunnis on the other ( I won’t even bring the Kurds into this right now ) They are shooting, killing, maiming, and generally fighting each other. They are two different factions (Sorry, I know you need to have people use those little words) factions means groups – You have these two separate groups and they are both in Iraq. They are fighting and killing each other. Mr. Bush, This is called a Civil War. Wake p and see that reality of the situation. What you are doing over there is not working. Start bringing our troops home, and just let the damn Iraqis battle it out on their own. You got rid of Saddam, you killed his sons, you got your revenge for him trying to kill your old man. Now stop killing our young people. Better yet, let you two fun loving, hard drinking twin daughters go over there for a few months. Then you will have a common ground to talk to Jim Webb!

A friend of ours has mentioned the possibility of impeachment. I am reaching the point that I think maybe that might not be a bad idea. The only down side is, it won’t get our troops home any quicker.