Yesterday was my birthday. In case anyone wonders (Sue, the only one who seems to read this already knows,) I turned 48. Yep 2 years away from the big 50! Actually as far as birthdays go, 50 doesn’t bother me. I have already mentioned it here, that I plan to have a party for that one. My birthday was a pleasant one though. I got several cards from Sue, Sandy, and Mom & Dad. ( Maybe they read this too!) The one thing I was hoping to get for my birthday, didn’t pan out though. I was kind of hoping we might at least find a car we wanted.

Segue to the Car Update. We were unable to get everything together yesterday to go look at the place we wanted to go, but today we did. We went out to a dealership in Lewisville, and looked at a 1998 Plymouth Voyager that was in really nice shape. It had 96,000 miles, good tires, clean inside and out, the engine is very clean, the A/C works great, yada, yada, yada. Pretty much a decent car. We both drove it, and decided we liked it. It was selling for $4495.00.

We had looked it up online, got good marks on it from Consumer Reports, and according to the online payment calculator, could afford the monthly payments. We go in to talk to the salesman about it, and find out that he would be happy to sell it to us for cash, but they would not finance anything under $6000.00. He tried to put us through a credit union, but no go. The best they could do is offer to sell it to us at their cost which is $2900.00 plus tax, license, and dealer prep. In all if we could come up with $3500.00 we could buy it for cash.

We have a certain amount that the Church can help us with for a down payment, but not enough to cover the $3500.00. Oh well, back to the drawing board. the next trip out will have to be to one of these rip-off lots that will finance there. We will probably get screwed in interest, but oh well. God will help us into th car He wants us to have. In the mean time, we keep the faith!