While she was clearing the table tonight after dinner, our daughter Sandy said she thought that one of the floor tiles was loose, and that it made a strange noise. Not really sure if she was making a joke or not, I got up to investigate. I bent down to look, and discovered it was not loose, but as I tapped on it I discovered something really odd. Underneath this particular tile, is a hollow spot.

Let the wild speculation begin! To confirm the hollow sound, I brought over my cane and tapped it on the offending tile and several around. Just the one was hollow. Okay. Why would there be a hole underneath the floor in my dining room? Buried treasure? Jimmy Hoffa? Who knows. One thing for certain, we will not be likely to find out until we get around to remodeling the kitchen. I definitely don’t plan on prying the thing up just to find out.

Now of course it is likely to make us wonder from time to time what the heck could be under that spot. I am considering trying to find a friend with ground penetrating radar to see what might be there. (NOT!!!) It could have something to do with plumbing, or electrical wiring. God ( and the contractor that built the house ) only knows. This does however go to show one thing for certain…

We really gotta get a damn life!