Here are the Friday movie openings. Today there are several films that look like they have some potential. “Eragon”, based on the books by Christopher Paolini boasts some marvelous looking special effects. “Charlotte’s Web” a new live action adaptation stars Dakota Fanning, and the voice talents of Julia Roberts as Charlotte, and some fine digital effects ( animals talking etc ) Will Smith has a new look for “The Pursuit of Happyness”. At any rate, read the reviews, and judge for yourselves. If wee get the chance to see any of these films we will have a review here on the blog.

New releases this week
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Charlotte’s Web
Fans of the E.B. White book are rewarded for their patience with this endearing live-action adaptation.
The Pursuit of Happyness
Inspired-by-a-true-story film spends much time making us feel bad, but ends on a towering note of uplift.
The History Boys
Alan Bennett’s hit play about aspiring Oxford-Cambridge students becomes a witty, well-acted film.
Fantasy tale about a teen hero who raises a dragon and does battle with evil warlords is strictly for kids.
Cave of the Yellow Dog
Docudrama of a precocious girl and her dog offers a beautiful setting but a slight story.
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