For those whom have been keeping up with our quest for a car, we have some more news. No we don’t have a car yet, but we got told that generous people of the church have added more money to the down payment fund. This gives us some more options. We have expanded our horizons a bit.

We did some more research into the Plymouth Voyager, as it turns out one of the things that Consumer Reports says is a potential problem is the transmission. Well, so much for that one. We are looking into further ideas.

We are going to go take a look at a few cars that might work for us, sometime in the next couple of days, I hope… Today it’s raining though, so it doesn’t look promising. Terry, our Pastor, might have some time tomorrow to go with us to help us look. If that doesn’t work we may have to wait till after Christmas.

I am trusting in God that we will find something soon.