Sue considers my copying the movie guide on Fridays cheating. So I guess I will write a real blog. Nothing new on the car front, so now I need to come up with a subject to blog about.

Mac,our youngest kitty, has been a royal pain in the ass today. Being a kitten he is into everything. He is up on the counters, he is in the sink, he has also come up with a new little trick. He has learned how to open the laundry room and linen closet doors. (They’re the accordion type doors.) He manages to get his paw underneath the doors, and pulls them open. Sheesh! There are days when I feel like skinning the little %$@#!!!

Now for a minor rant. Bush is apparently hanging out at Camp David over Christmas trying to figure out what he is going to do to change the situation in Iraq. My answer, figure out how t bring the soldiers home! Sending more troops over there is essentially putting a bandage on a gaping wound. Frankly I think he should end his twin party-hearty daughters over there. Then lets see how fast he gets the troops home. Oh well, the idea of Bush having an intelligent thought is about as likely as another lawyer going pheasant hunting with Dick Cheney.