We went out today with Terry, to a lot that apparently is owned by an acquaintance of one of our church members. Terry had talked to the people at the lot, and explained what we were looking for, and what our limitations were.

We looked at a 1996 White Mazda MPV minivan. It was clean inside and out, had good tires, and cold A/C, and good heat. All of the seat belts worked, and there was plenty of space inside for all of the kids.

One downside: 133,000 miles. Well we could possibly live with that. We test drove it, and it drove decently, brakes worked well, it had good pickup. We went back to the lot, and decided we would work out a deal.

Before we went on the test drive they were initially talking $6995.00 Just prior to leaving, they said they could discount it to $4995.00 to get our payments under $100.00 per month. ($92.50 give or take) We are sitting there talking deal and we tell him the amount we can put down, and all of a sudden the salesman gets a call from the owner of the lot. He can’t possible let it go for less than what they have in it. According to them they have $5895.00 into the van. Kelly Blue Book is $4995.00 fr the year in question. We balk. Then we discover that they have given us ( without our requesting it) a 1 year warranty at the cost of nearly $900.00. Well once the price went up, they cut that to a 6 month Warren, at $475.00. Supposedly we can still get the thing at $92.50 a month. W decided that this deal was beginning to smell.

Well, to make a long story short, we walked. Sue and I have been talking, and decided that we might just as well gt something newer with less miles on it. I have done some more research and we can get into a 2000 to a 2004 for under $9000.00. This would keep our payments under the required $100.00 a month. I continue to have faith!