The long national nightmare is over! (Well, not really. The war in Iraq is still going on, our troops are still dying for no damn good reason, and Shrub is still sitting in the White house. )
However, we have gotten a car!!!

We won’t actually get it home until Wednesday, but we found her and made a deal. With much help and generosity from our church family. Some very generous folks donated to the cause of helping us get a car, and with that help we were able to get set up with one today.

Our new car is a 2000 Dodge Intrepid, with 91,000 miles. Sandy and I saw the color as a Silvery-Green, Sue saw it as just Silver. At any rate, we took it for a test drive. I drove it first, Sue took over , and then our friend Terry drove it as well. He was helping us find a car, and brokering the deal for us in a manner of speaking.

Sandy thought it had a decent amount of room in the back, and when I started driving, Terry (who is 6’3″) said he had plenty of room as well. So I guess that thee teen age girls ought to have enough breathing room for a trip down to the southern part of Texas this coming summer.

One slight problem we had was that we needed new tires on the back. They wee willing to put them on, but added to the amount for the deal. We went back and forth a little bit, and finally came up with a figure we could all be happy with.

They should be able to get the tires by Tuesday and have everything together, cleaned etc and we will be able to pick up the car on Wednesday!!!

Thanks to God, and thanks to the wonderful people at our church. We were told that our only obligation is to return the favor some day when we are able, and take good care of the car. We will definitely do that.