Here it is, Christmas day. We can’t really complain. We are getting a new (to us) car the day after tomorrow, we have a house we are buying, we have food in the house, we are reasonably healthy – Well, sort of you know There’s an expression: “I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in” )

I decided to watch a little of the Cowboys/Eagles game. Our church Youth Leader James is there at the Cowboys Stadium in Irving. James is a major Eagles fan. (Well, he’s still a nice guy, I guess I can’t hold that against him. Well not too much anyway!)
So naturally the Cowboys are getting their asses kicked at the moment. 23 – 7 with 4:52 left to play. Off hand, I’d say they’re screwed.

It just goes to show, I should not watch the game if I want to see the team win!

All in all tho, I have to say this is a good Christmas. The best thing about is, that My Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us wonderfully this year. Merry Christmas to all who may read these words. May God Bless you.